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Being new as an independent need a proper celebration.


Let's Celebrate together !

50  Discount *

* You have to let know my assistant about the discount, during the booking process.

* The special applies to 1 hour and 90-minute booking only.

Anais F

Discover my world !

Pleasure to meet you,

Future Lovers,

I am Anais F, formerly known as Anais French. 

I did have the chance to travel sporadically all around Canada since 2018. 
I met awesome peoples and built myself a very positive reputation as a companion.

I recently decided to settle in a cute and clean little cocoon in the gay village area of Montreal. 
I’ll eventually continue travelling but sparsely for now. 

I want to welcome you and to share with you a caliente tryst out of this busy word. 


* Website in French to come

Anais F
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