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Thank you for contacting me !

Anais F

Booking Process

I have tried to put all the information that might be needed and hope you’ve read it all in order to have a straightforward and faster communication together. Please tell me if ever there’s something you have in mind and it is not here or it’s unclear.


My assistant, Olivia, is there to help you pass through the booking process. Having her for the administration work, help me put all my energy in our Rendez-vous. She’s experienced, reputable and professional.

Answer Your Email 

Feedback should be done in a maximum of 48 hours.

Be aware that all information shared will be taken care of with the upmost confidentiality. Communication will be made by encrypted mail but the appointment day I can text you if you wish instead of mailing, just tell me your preferences.

Last-minute appointment might be possible if I’m free and we met before. Be aware that it is not guaranteed.



Confirmation will be needed the day before we meet. At this moment, the Intersection close to my incall will be furnished.

The appointment day 5 min. before our time together, the exact address will be done either by mail or phone as you prefer.

If you are earlier, there is a lot of restaurants in the area where you can wait.

Anais F


As much as I would like to skip that part, in an ideal word, reality is I feel safer to meet you after doing some identity verification.

Provider Reference

Be sure that the provider is ok being your reference and that you have met her under a year. It will probably speed the process by doing so too.

- OR -

Your ID

Send a sharp photo of your legal ID card.

Also, send a selfie of you holding the card close to your face.


In order to be comfortable,

I'm asking you to follow these rules.

When you arrived

Put the cash donation in plain view the moment you come in.


I will be freshly showered and ask you to take a quick and conscientious one. It is mandatory (even if you took one 10 min. before). I’ll provide unscented soap, mouthwash and a clean towel. Flossing or vigorous mouth brushing is better after, not right before our meeting as it increases risks. Don’t forget to carefully trim nails.

During Our Time Together
Let’s try our best to be discreet. I receive in a charming 1890 building but the insulation is not the best. I‘d like to share that moment with you, not the Neighbour.

Don't Forget
Respect and a clear communication go a long way.

Anais F


I'm reliable and need a really good reason to cancel a meeting. I’ll always be on time so I'm asking you to respect the time and length you took. If you are late, I can’t guarantee the full length of our scheduled encounter. Note that I am in a busy area. Traffic and parking is not always easy, plan time trip accordingly. If you can take the subway, I highly recommend, it’s 3 min away.

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